Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Ridge Farmers Market Contract.

The following is the Vender Contact for the Blue Ridge Farmers Market. You will be asked to sign this the first time you set up at the market.

Blue Ridge Farmers Market
Of Fannin County


To promote and encourage the development of local small-scale agriculture and to provide and administer a seasonal marketplace for local producers of agricultural products and hand-made arts and crafts.

Quality: The Market strives to provide a marketplace where fresh and wholesome products are sold. This freshness and wholesomeness of the products, as well as the expertise of the vendors is the backbone of the market experience.

Market Location, Days and Hours: The Market will be held every Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00 noon. Beginning May 23, 2009 and ending date to be determined in late October. The Market will also be held every Wed. starting MAY 26, 2009 And ending date to be determined in October. It will be held at the Cohutta Feed Complex on Progress Dr. in the parking lot. Lots for vendors are on a first come basis.

1. Vendors shall be local farmers or gardeners, processors of agricultural commodities, artists or hand-crafters who have produced & made the items offered for sale. A vendor cannot buy any items from other sources to resell at the Market. Nursery plants sold at the Market must be in the possession of and cared for by the vendor for at least 60 days prior to being sold at the Market.
2. Food processors are responsible for meeting any and all county, state and federal requirements. For more information, call The Georgia Department of Agriculture at
3. Recognized civic groups are welcome to participate and may resell items for fundraising purposes. NO YARD SALE OR FLEA MARKET ITEMS ALLOWED.
4. Other vendors that may not fit into any of the above mentioned categories are welcome, which may include authors or service providers, i.e. knife sharpening, face painting, entertainers, etc.

Vendor Selling Fee: $3.00 is charged for each space and will be collected by the Market Manager each market day. (A vendor is any person/persons that take up a space in the market area.)

Vendor Set-up and Registration: Vendors should arrive between 7:00 &7:30 am on Sat. & 4-4:30pm on Wed. and complete their booth set-up by the opening time of 8:00 a.m. & 5:00pm IF VENDORS ARRIVE LATE THEY MAY BE DIRECTED TO A LOWER PARKING LOT IN THE COMPLEX. All vendors are to sign in with their name, telephone number and the products to be sold on each selling day. Signing in is a promise that you will follow all the rules of the market. Each vendor must fill out a registration form at the time of the first visit to the 2009 market. Any licensing and taxes are the responsibility of the vendor.

Vendor Booth: Each vendor is allowed one space, with no more than two spaces. All spaces are on a first come first serve basis. The Market Manager will direct vendors to an available space. If spaces are needed for special reasons, the MM has the power to reserve a specific area. If space becomes a factor, agricultural products are given top priority, due to the importance of their freshness and the quick spoilage of these products. Displaying your name or the name of your farm or business is recommended at your booth. A PICTURE OF YOUR FARM, GARDEN, GRRENHOUSE, WORKSHOP OR KITCHEN IS REQUIRED TO BE POSTED IN VISIBLE SIGHT AT EACH MARKET DAY. YOU WILL BE GIVEN 2 WEEKS FROM SIGN IN TO POST YOUR PICTURE. The Market Manager has the right to refuse you as a vendor after that.

Electrical Power and Generators: There is no electrical power available to vendors and no generators of any kind will be allowed.

Vendor Clean-up: All vendors must remove all trash from their site at the closing of each selling day.

Pricing: The pricing of goods is at the discretion of the individual vendor. Vegetables and products will be sold by the piece or by volume, not by the pound. (for example: $2 for a pumpkin or $2 for a peck of beans) For more information, call the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 1-800-282-5852.

Livestock/Pets: Animals for sale at the Market must be contained at all times. All debris (bedding or manure) must be cleaned up by the close of the market. ALL PETS OF VENDOR & CUSTOMERS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES!!!!!

Safety: The safety of all is a priority. Vendors arriving and departing the market selling area must drive very slowly and carefully. No shoppers in cars are allowed to enter the selling area to shop or to pick up market items(UNLESS THEY ARE HANDICAPPED), All items sold must be carried out-not picked up by driving in the selling area.***** The Market Manager will help any one who needs assistance****. Just ask. Please keep the safety of the shoppers in mind when you set up your booth.

Behavior: All vendors of the Farmer’s Market will behave toward market customers, other market vendors and market volunteers in a professional manner which fosters a sense of market community and camaraderie, a spirit of cooperative involvement, and which portrays the market as a whole to the communities it serves. Abusive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Offenders will not be permitted to return to the Farmer’s Market as a vendor.

Market Manager: The Market Manager will have on an GREEN APRON for easy recognition. He/She is empowered to answer questions, solve problems and amend market policies. He/She will inform the Market Committee of any necessary issues.

Enforcement of Market Policies: Vendor failure to adhere to any of these Market policies set forth herein results in:
First Offense – Verbal warning given.
Second Offense – Written warning issued; expulsion from the Market may occur.
In case of unresolved disputes, the parties may appear before a grievance panel and discuss the complaint.

The Mountain Fresh Market Committee reserves the right to amend these Market policies as is necessary, in order to guide the Market into successful operation.

The Mountain Fresh Market Committee reserves the right to visit and inspect any farmer or crafter at their site of production to ensure that the vendor is adhering to all Market policies.

Special requests for exceptions to these policies will be considered, in order to better serve everyone involved with the market and the community.

The Mountain Fresh Market Committee assumes no responsibility for any loss or injury encountered by any vendor of the Mountain Fresh Market.

All persons associated with or selling at the Market shall not discriminate against any individual in regard to matters of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or any physical or mental disability.

I/We understand the operating policies and operating rules of the Mountain Fresh Market of Blue Ridge and agree to abide by them during the market hours.


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