Monday, July 13, 2009



This week summer squash is so plentiful. So, I want to take an old recipe from my family that I converted to “more healthy.” One of the keys to making healthy food taste good is to gain the flavor from the vegetables and seasonings rather than the fat. This recipe is usually made with yellow squash but I sometimes mix yellow & green. This recipe also is a good way to use the larger squash since it cooks so long.

Stewed Squash

1-2 lbs squash washed & sliced med.
1- Large onion chopped
2-3T olive oil
Salt, sugar, & pepper to taste

Heat oil in a hot frying pan that has a lid you can use later. Add onion and let soften. Add squash, about a teaspoon of salt, same with sugar, stir, and cover. Reduce heat to med., and let cook stirring occasionally. Squash and onions will release liquid but continue to cook and allow the juices to evaporate. As this happens the onions & squash will caramelize, (turn a rich golden brown color). At this point, you will need to stir more often and maybe reduce the heat again. At this point, you can adjust your seasoning to your taste. I like quite a bit of black pepper. Be sure your last stir gets all the good brown stuff on the bottom of the pan as that is where the tastiest parts are. This is also good served over rice as a main vegetarian dish. ENJOY!!!!

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